Fiber Optic Splitter


User’s Manual

Syscom Korea Co., Ltd, a leader in the market of pixel to pixel cabling solution, created Fiber Optics based Camera Link cable.   Syscom Korea cabling solution will be a perfect choice for overcoming the problems of facility access, capital cost, distance, EMI, ESD and bandwidth. Camera Link is a high-speed camera/frame grabber interface designed for high performance vision applications.  Compare that the other company’s Standard Camera Links is deliver signals to 10 meters or less,  Syscom korea’s optical camera link cable can transmit signals up to 20km without electrical magnetic noise, flexibly respond to many applications requiring long distance image transmission between the camera and the frame grabber.
This product consists of plug and play modules with FCL-10S2T connecting to camera and FCL-10S2R connecting to the frame grabber(or PC) side. The FCL-10S2T receives, converts and sends out video data to fiber from the camera while FCL-10S2R receives the optical signals, converts them back into video data and sends to two frame grabbers.

Typical Set Up Diagram

Technical  Specification

  • All of Camera-Link Interface Compliance ( Area and Line Scan)

  • Support Dual-Base / Medium Configuration

  • (CC1 ~ 4, RS232, 6 Ports, LVAL, DVAL, FVAL)

  • Support Pixel clock from 20 – 85MHz

  • Auto detect and Generate Pixel clock

  • Zero loss and transparent transport

  • Locking DC power connector

  • Attaches to the compact SDR26 connectors

  • Status Monitoring LEDs ( PWR, ACT, Error )

  • Intelligent cable disconnect detecting ( Camera cable, Fiber cable )

  • Re-synchronization buttons

  • LC duplex fiber link (2-core fiber)

  • Allows remote operation up to 20km

  • Machine Vision Applications

  • Robot Vision, Robot Eye

  • Product inspection – PCB, LCD, Wafer

  • Bar code reading and sorting

  • Medical Imaging

  • High precision security surveillance

  • Vehicle license plate reading/recording

  • Port/Harbor cargo container management

  • Railroad measurement/inspection

  • Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

  • Border Control

  • Cameras placed in harsh environment

    – Nuclear plant, Chemical plant, Factory

  • Long haul image transmissions

  • Bridge inspection

  • Military & Defense Applications

  • Astronomy

  • Computer microscopy

  • Multi-media

Product Model FCL-100S2 T / R
Pixel Clock Range 20 ~ 85 [MHz]
Supported Camera Configration Base
Sync. Signals LVAL, FVAL, DVAL
Camera Control CC1 ~ CC4 (Master Only)
Serial Communication SerTFG, SerTC (Master Only)
Connector Type Mini Camera Link ( SDR )

Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50[℃]
Input Voltage DC 12 ~ 24 [V]
Typical Supply Current @ 12V DC CM-base 250 [mA]
Connector Type Molex 53259-0329 Male
Weight (Approximate) 300 Gram each module

Operating Wavelength 1310 [nm]
Min Optical TX Output Power -2.5 [dBm]
Transmission Distance More than 2000 [m]
Connector Type LC Duplex
Fiber Type 9/125 um Single-mode fiber